Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More fun for me!


Hi everybody, I'm not almost 5 months old and I have 2 new teeth. I fuss a little bit but that's only because I want mommy to hug me a lot! Check out my pictures.. I've had a fun month!

Mommy and daddy take me on lots of trips. I love looking out the window. Everything zooms past be so fast!

Daddy says I'm a big Magic fan.... I'm not quite sure what that means yet but we got to watch our first basketball game. Daddy loved it

Daddy and I hang out all the time. I love daddy.

I went to the park for the first time with Mommy, Grammy, Aunt Amber and my cousin Jada. It was so much fun.

So that's it. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my photos. I'll be hangin out until next time. Talk to you soon! -Jamison

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Family Picture


Jamison is now 4 months old in our first professional family photo taken October 10th, 2007. It was a fun photo shoot that also included Jamison's Uncle Aaron, Aunt Amber, Aunt Ashley, Cousin Jada, Grandpa, and Grammy.
Thanks to Alex Gonzalez for the awesome time and great shots!